Capillary Viscometer Cleaner XO-240DT

Item Code:XO-240DT Features:XO-2400DT Ultrasonic Capillary Viscometer Cleaner is special used for cleaning viscometers.
  • Description

XO-2400DT Ultrasonic Capillary Viscometer Cleaner works by the effect of ultrasonic cavitation in the liquid.The power produced by sonicator,transfer into the cleaning liquid by transducer,then, will continuously generate numerous small bubbles.During the process it may create strong mechanical force,impacting object surface constantly, moreover, the ultrasonic in the liquid will accelerate dissolution and emulsification.Hence,the dirt will peel away from the object surface and gaps quickly,make the object clean.As ultrasonic cleaner has the feature of strong penetration,and the best choice of degassing, defoaming and blending.So,its the ideal equipment of cleaning the complex shape object which has deep holes,blind holes,concave-convex grooves.



  • Used for cleaning Capillary Viscometer;
  • Used for cleaning glass instruments,utensils that used in analytical laboratory;
  • Applied for other fields such as machinery,electron,medicine and biochemistry;
  • Suit for cleaning other laboratory instruments which can be put into the slot.



  • Cleaning at atmospheric temperature or warming temperature;
  • For cleaning Capillary Viscometer equipped with specialized separate frame;
  • Adding some detergent to make cleaning quickly and completely;
  • Enable to clean all kinds of Capillary Viscometer;
  • Whole equipment is made of stainless steel, easy to clean.


Main Technical Parameters:

Ultrasonic power: 240w;
Heating power: 500w;
Frequency: 40KHz;
Inner Slot Size: 150x150x330mm;
Overall Dimension: 340x261x450mm;
Cleaning Liquid Temp.: Room temp.~ 80℃ adjustable;
LED Display: 1~ 99Min,time adjustable;
Pipeline: stainless steel and high temperature dedicated pipeline;
Water Drain: with;
Level Alert: with;

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