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XO-12N Branch Manifold Freezing Dryer XO-12N Branch Manifold Ordinary Model

Item Code:XO-12N Branch Manifold Ordinary Model Features:XO-12N Branch Manifold Ordinary Model Freezing Dryer.
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Product Description:
Freeze-drying system offers the best method by which moisture-bearing substances frozen in advance become dry in the vacuum owing to vaporizing away the moisture.The substances frozen can be well-preserved for a long time and returned to their former state once being watered without losing their biochemical properties.
The Freeze-drying technology is especially ideal for those bio-products sensitive to antibiotic, vaccines, blood products, enzymes and hormones. This system is ideal for freezing tests and little production in labs.
The series can be cataloged as: Ordinary model, Gland model, Branch Manifold Ordinary model, Branch Manifold Gland model.
Main Technical Parameters
Cold trap temperature: <-50℃,-80℃ (optional);
Vacuum degree: <15Pa;
Freezing area: 0.07~0.12m2;
Water-capature capability: 3Kg/24H;
Tray filling materials capacity: 0.71.2L;
Dimension: 560×560×340 (mm)
Materials Tray Specification:
ф200mm total 4 layers, layer to layer spacing: 70mm (in bulk materials)
ф180mm total 3 layers, layer to layer spacing: 70mm (bottled materials could mannual gland);

Freezing time: Thickness of materials no more than 10mm, freezing for about 24 hours.

 Materials Tray:

Ordinary model: special design stainless steel sample shelf, tray spacing adjustable, number of layers free setting; Material drying tray diameter: 200mm, total 4 layers, may palce about 1000ml(thickness: 10mm) materials.

Freezing drying bottle: 8 pieces at most, divide into 4 kinds of specification: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, may combined freely according to demand, and can replace the freezing drying bottle during the freezing drying process. Many various samples could freeze and dry at the same time, fast speed, short time, easy to operate. Equipped with spin frozen device, turn the sample material into thin shell state, making moisture easier to sublimate.

Key Features:
1. English interface, display drying curve;
2. Excellent compressor, with heat exchanger, increase refrigerating output, enhance water-capturing capability;
3. Wide cold trap, without internal coil pipe, sample prefreezing function;
4. Prefreezing shelf could be a diversion barrels, accelerate drying speed;
5. Both cold trap and operation table are made of stainless steel, anticorrosion, easy to clean;
6. Transparent bell jar drying room, safe and intuitional;
7. Stianless steel sample shelf, ordinary sample tray spacing adjustable;
8. Novel design, small size, easy to operate, reduce occupation of labs table-board;
9. Optional equipped with nitrogen gas charging valve.

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