XO-MU2010 Minitype MF/UF System XO-MU2010

Item Code:XO-MU2010 Features:XO-MU2010 Minitype Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration System
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Minitype MF/UF System
Product Description:
1. This system adopts tangential flow filtering technology, relative to the conventional vertical flow filtering has the advantages of keeping stable filtration velocity, continuous loop of filtering, won’t form gel layer on the membrane surface;
2. This system is fit for mating fermentation tank that no more than 30L, enrichment for fermentation bacteria collection, replace buffer solution, washing or clarifying filtration after bacteria broken;
3. Could be linear magnified to industrialization standard.

Config Specification:

1. Pump: peristaltic pump, 220V, maximum flow: 2L/Min;
2. Pipeline: sanitary type durable silicon tube, enable high temperature sterilization for many times; also may connect to 316L stainless steel pipe;
3. Membrane clamp: standard 316L sanitary stainless steel clamp, all connectors are sanitary type, and both ends mating with stop valve, match 0.1m2 cassette flat membrane;
4. Valve: Pharmaceutical grade sanitary diaphragm valve;
5. 0.5inch and 1.5inch sanitary connector pressure gage: 2 diaphram sanitary type pressure gages, handcuffs interface, measurement range: 0~4kg; gages are full of glycerol avoiding watch hand trembling;
6. MF/UF membrane: original USA brand 0.1m2 cassete flat membrane;
Below three kinds of cassete flat membrane materials are optional:
a) Biomax (polyether sulfone) series: 5K, 8K, 10K, 30K, 50K,100K, 300K, 500K,1000K;
b) PLC (modified cellulose) series: 1K, 3K, 5K, 10K, 30K, 100K, 300K, 1000K;
c) PVDF(Polyvinylidene fluoride) series: 0.1μm, 0.22μm, 0.45μm, 0.65μm;

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